We’re big fans of pets here at Lucy’s Pet Care. We all know how much we can help out pets and animals in our community. But do we always realize and recognize how much they can help us?

Pets offer great healing and service benefits to people who need a helping hand because of sickness, injury, or emotional trauma. Pets are being used for the health and recovery of many people in many situations. Here are some of the biggest reasons that people use them.

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Service Animals

Dogs have been used as service animals to help people who need extra help because of being in a wheelchair and because of blindness for decades. But did you know that dogs are used to help people with other needs?

For instance, service dogs can be trained to alert someone with diabetes when their blood sugar is dropping. The dog is trained to recognize the scent of its owner when blood sugar is low then give a signal that will alert them of their health situation.

Dogs can also be trained to help people with PTSD. This service animal provides comfort and is also there to restrain the person with PTSD if they have a PTSD attack.

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Emotional Support Dogs

Dogs are also being used to provide emotional support to people who are suffering from emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. They can even help people with autism connect, and they’re also used in nursing homes to provide comfort and connection to people with memory loss.

Many treatment centers have been using animals for healing and recovery for a long time to help people with a whole host of mental and emotional problems. And the famous psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, even used his dog to help his patients recover from emotional injury and connect with an animal that was non-threatening and comforting.

There are 5 main methods of achieving emotional release: muscle testing, meditation, exercise, confrontation, and acknowledgement. Petting a cat, walking a dog, or talking to a pet bird are all ways that pets can motivate and support their owners to better emotional health.”

More: https://www.healerslibrary.com/news/emotional-release-benefits/

People Who Benefit From Emotional Support Dogs

Generally speaking, emotional support animals are used to help people connect. They can help with anxiety and depression. Even more specifically, they can help with people with various phobias.

These include agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house), aerophobia (fear of flying), social shyness, generalized anxiety disorder, depression, and many other mental health issues that can affect a wide range of people.

More: https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/resources/pet-adoption/

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Benefits of Animal Therapy

There are many benefits that an emotional support animal can provide. Some of these include more motivation, an increase in self-esteem, more social well-being, and increased feelings of being safe.

People who have an emotional support animal can also have an increase in oxytocin, and it’s no wonder why. Animals don’t just bring comfort to people with physical and emotional problems. They can bring support and connection to anyone.

More: http://wisdomwithinct.com/why-animal-therapy/

Animals, especially dogs, have been used to aid humans for decades. But it’s not just dogs that give out an extra degree of comfort to those who need it. Animals such as llamas, horses, pigs, rabbits, and several other types of animals provide support and service to their humans in a wide number of ways.

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