Basic Pet Bird Care for New Owners

pet bird care

People have been keeping birds as pets for centuries.  Perhaps you’ve thought about adding one to your family a time or two. But what exactly do you do when you bring home a new feathered family member?  Are you familiar with what it takes to care for a bird?  If not, here are some tips to help you with basic pet bird care.

Get them the basic necessities – It’s best to get these a few days before you bring your new bird home.  This will help for their new environment to smell like your home instead of the pet store.



Water bowl

Food bowl

Cage lining – Newspapers, paper towels or plain cage liner works well, but some birds like wood chips, chopped corn cobs, or even kitty litter.

Clean the cage lining, food & water bowls daily and then a deep clean of the cage every week to provide a clean and healthy habitat.

Bird proof your home – Just like with any other pet it is important to make sure your home is safe for them when they are out of the cage. Check for the following:

Electrical cords


Toxic substances

Water (shut toilet lids, don’t have sinks or large bowls of water around)

Draw the blinds when they aren’t in the cage to make sure they don’t get hurt trying to fly out of the window

Provide a healthy diet – When feeding your bird it is tempting to fill their bowl with seed and let them eat. Seed is actually pretty fattening and they need a rich diet for optimal health, so include some of the follow in addition to seeds:

Organic pellets

Fresh Fruits



Start with realistic attention – It’s easy to want to give your new pet all the attention in the world, but birds can actually get spoiled very easily. Of course you want to spend quality time with them to bond, but make sure that you spend the same amount of time with them that you will be able to continue once they are settled in. This will avoid getting them upset and crying for attention when you aren’t able to give it to them.

Prevent bonding with one person – While introducing your pet to the home make sure everyone in the home gets a chance to hold and practice how to “step up” on your hand. This will prevent any one person bonding, where your bird will act aggressively to others.

It is always exciting when you add a new member to family.  Just remember to respect your bird’s territory and set them up with a healthy and realistic environment, they are sure to fit right in!  I hope this article has been helpful in providing basic pet bird care information.  What other tips do you have for pet bird owners?  Post a comment, below.

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