Basic Goldfish Care

Goldfish make for good starter pets as they are inexpensive, available, and easy (once you have everything set up) to take care of. With over a hundred different species, there is a wide variety of goldfish.  Common goldfish are one of the largest species as they can grow up to 18 inches in length. For one Common goldfish it is suggested to have a 40-gallon tank. In contrast, Fancy goldfish, a smaller species of goldfish, can comfortably live in a 20-gallon tank.

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 TANK SIZE AND LOCATION:   It is possible to simply have a goldfish in a fishbowl, but you would need to clean it out a lot more often than if you had an aquarium with a filtration system.  Additionally, the rounded tapered design doesn’t allow for the proper amount of oxygen exchange. It is also important to note that whatever you choose to hold your goldfish that do not place it near an air conditioner or heater where the temperature will change frequently. It is also important to keep the tank away from windows, as the more outside light that hits the tank the more algae can grow.

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WATER QUALITY AND TEMPERATURE:  Goldfish require freshwater in their aquariums. You can either use room temperature tap water that’s been treated with a de-chlorinator like TetraAquaSafe or API Aquarium Tap Water Conditioner and super oxygenated bottled water for non-aerated fishbowls like Beta Water, which you can buy from your local pet store. Do not put untreated tap water into the aquarium because the chlorine and heavy metals can kill your fish. The water temperature will also need to be monitored. You should get a submersible heater and thermometer to make sure the temperature is right. The ideal temperature for goldfish is between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on what type of goldfish you have.

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FEEDING:  Goldfish are omnivores. It is important to buy the right food for your goldfish so that they get the right nutrients. It won’t hurt them to eat food manufactured for tropical fish, they just won’t be getting the nutrients that they need. It is also not recommended to feed a goldfish any human food. As a special treat, you can feed your goldfish boiled vegetables (chopped into tiny pieces of course) such as peas, carrots, oranges, or zucchini, freeze dried brine shrimp and bloodworms. Goldfish can go up to two weeks without any food. However, it is recommended that you feed them a small pinch two or three times a day.  Goldfish generally last five to ten years, so if you follow recommended routines you will have a long time to enjoy with your goldfish.

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