Avoid These 6 Ingredients in Your Dog Treats

dog treats

Treats. Cookies. Biscuits. Call them what you may but, not all dog treats are created equal. Some look better, some taste better but more importantly some treats are just healthier than others. In fact, many dog treats these days are downright dangerous. Keep reading to learn how to select the healthiest, most natural treats for your pets.

You might be thinking “How I do know which treats are the safest, healthiest options?” I’m glad you asked! It all comes down to reading the labels on your dog’s treats. Natural Dog health remedy suggests that you avoid choosing any treats that list these ingredients as their top three ingredients.

Sugar: Corn Syrup, dextrose, fructose, sucrose are all sugar. Sugar can cause a host of health problems in your dog such as diabetes, insulin resistance and not to mention weight gain which can lead to many other diseases.

Cheap Cereal Grains: Stick with whole grains such as barley, oats and brown rice. Cheap grains are used as fillers and don’t provide nutritional value to your dog.

Meat By-Products: Meat by products are often harmful to your dogs. They hold little or no nutritional value and are even sometimes indigestible. If you are going to choose a treat with meat, it must be high-quality. By high quality, we mean of human grade. Ask yourself “Would I eat it?” If not, you shouldn’t feed it to your dog.  And, remember, unlike cats, dogs can thrive on a vegan diet.

Glutens: Corn and wheat glutens are potentially hazardous to your dog. Many dogs have allergies to glutens and these glutens have little nutritional value.

Artificial Colors or Flavors: Color doesn’t matter to your dog, so why should it matter to you? Some chemical dyes come from coal tar. Would you want to eat tar? Artificial flavors only serve to entice your dog to eat a low quality treat. The aroma of artificial flavors covers up the bitter taste to what would otherwise be an unappealing treat to your dog.

Chemical Preservatives: Just as with chemical dyes and flavors, just say no to chemical preservatives. Chemicals are dangerous in any form. Look for natural preservatives: vitamin E and vitamin C (mixed tocopherols, ascorbic acid) or extracts from clove, sage or rosemary. Natural preservatives are the safe way to keep your dog’s treats from spoiling.

dog treatsAll natural ingredients are the only option when thinking about safe goodies to put in your dog’s tummy. All natural ingredients are of high quality and don’t need artificial colors, flavors or poor grain fillers to make them taste good. Always choose quality over quantity when choosing treats for your pet. It’s the only way to go. Remember, if any of the ingredients listed above are in the top three ingredients listed on the dog treat label, do not buy those treats.


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  1. I bake all natural dog biscuits. While they’re nice and crunchy after cooling from the oven, they get soft in just a few days, even in an airtight container. I don’t want them sticking to the dog’s teeth, so I put a couple day’s worth in the oven to get that added moisture out. Is there an ingredient I can include to help them stay crunchy?

  2. That’s so nice that you make your own dog treats! I’m not sure, but, perhaps put a sachet of uncooked rice to help absorb extra moisture out of the container?

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