An Attitude of Gratitude!

We know that title sounds like a cliche, but after the past 20 months, this is as good a time as any to embrace gratitude. We’ve read oodles of times that being grateful will lead to a more positive outlook in our lives. Just what we need!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start with gratitude, regardless of the challenges you’ve had over the past year. Open up on Thanksgiving, and don’t worry about being over the top mushy; this holiday is about more than just food; it’s about spreading the love.

First and foremost, let’s be thankful for our pets; they always stick by us through thick and thin. Most of the pets we know have thrived with the extra attention they received during COVID. They cuddled with us, they made us laugh, and they were our best buddies over the past 20 months. They help us get fresh air, protect our homes, and remind us to take breaks from our work. Coming home to wags and purrs is always the best part of the day.

Let’s think about going a step or two further with gratitude this year. Here are some great ideas to spread the love.

Why don’t you call your local shelter and see what is on their wish list? Often they need towels, blankets, toys, unopened pet food, straw, small animal cages, and fresh produce. Pick an item and donate it to your shelter.

Your veterinarian’s office worked hard throughout COVID to care for our buddies, and it wasn’t always easy for them to keep our pets healthy and keep us safe. Many vet offices have a fund for people that can’t afford care. If your vet does, a small donation would be a fantastic way to show your appreciation. A thank you of any sort will make their day.

Spread the cheer with family and friends! Is there someone you’re close with that can’t make it to your Thanksgiving dinner? Schedule a short zoom with them on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s no fun being alone on a holiday, so spend some time together virtually. Include your pet in the Zoom and share some of their antics. Do you have neighbors that are alone? Think about inviting them to your dinner or take them some leftovers.

Many people feed the hungry or visit senior care homes on Thanksgiving, but why not make it a habit? Go once a quarter or once a month, and spread the love to people that need it. It will be uplifting for everyone involved. You may want to work on getting your pet certified as a therapy dog or cat (Yes, cats can be certified and then make visits to nursing homes or children’s hospitals). Look into it if your pet has the right, laid-back temperament.

Do you have children or grandkids? These books for kids of all ages make great gifts and will help them learn and understand gratitude.

Let’s make this Thanksgiving the start of a grateful year for you, your family, and your furry friends.