The Best All Natural Pet Remedies

natural pet remedies

I know that a lot of Lucy’s Pet Care clients use all natural pet remedies and pet care products for their furry babies.  I, too, am always interested in the most effective and natural products to use on my own pets.  So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of the discoveries I’ve made by talking with clients, professionals, friends and family and by doing my own research.  I hope you might find some of the following information to be useful in your own household.


Ugh.  The ongoing battle, right?  Fortunately, in lieu of the costly and not-so-desired prescription, topical medications, I’ve found a few all natural remedies that really work!

PetGuard Yeast & Garlic Tablets:  You may have already viewed my YouTube Video talking about the success I’ve had with the chewable PetGuard Yeast & Garlic tablets.  My dogs, and other dogs I know, have been able to stave-off crawling and biting insects with a daily dose of these tasty “treats.”  The number of tablets taken daily depends upon the size of your dog.  My dogs love these and eat them, easily, with their meals or alone.

Wondercide Flea & Tick Control:  I learned about this spray from a client who’s had great results by using this on her dogs.  She applies it about every 3 days.  It’s safe for dogs and cats.  And, for use to control fleas in your home and yard!  As an added bonus, it’s scented with cedar and lemongrass — so, I’ll imagine it makes your pets smell great, too!  I’ve just ordered a bottle from AmazonSmile (be sure to order from AmazonSmile, so a portion of every purchase goes to your charity of choice!), so I don’t have personal experience to report, yet.


Natural Shampoo:  I’ve recently-discovered a skin care line that’s all natural, aloe vera based, Made in USA, not tested on animals.  L’BRI Pure n’ Natural offers a shampoo that works wonderfully on humans and pets.  It’s also aloe vera based and contains botanicals, proteins and amino acids for healthy skin and coat.  If you’re interested in learning more or in purchasing a bottle (Item #2041 Only $15.50) CLICK HERE and select the “Shop Now” tab.  You can also order skin care products for yourself!

natural pet remedies
“We Love our L’BRI Shampoo!”


A Terrific Food Choice:  The Honest Kitchen dehydrated foods are an All-In-One answer for dogs and cats.  And, super-easy to make:  Just mix your desired amount of dried food with the recommended amount of warm water.  Mix until thickened and serve.  Your pets will LOVE it!  It’s filled with amazing ingredients and doesn’t contain:

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