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9 Must-Have Apps for Dog Owners!

Apps have become a significant part of modern life, there seems to be an app available for just about everything.  Did you know there plenty of apps out there now for you and your dog?  They are pretty cool apps, too –  if I do say so myself!  Keep reading to learn about 9 must have apps for dog owners! All are available on iOS and Android. Have fun!

Tag is like “Find My Phone” but for your dog! It is fundamentally a GPS attachment for your dog’s collar, made to give dog owners peace of mind. This app tracks your dog’s movement and will send you a message if for dog goes past the boundaries you set.

For owners who want to keep track of their dog’s actions when they are not home, iCam is the perfect app for you. This allows to you see what your dog is doing in real-time, similar to a nanny cam. With this app you can watch your canine companion from any remote location. Want to know if your furry friend is behaving?  Maybe, you just want to check and make sure everything’s all right? Say good bye to worrying and wondering about what Fido’s up to!

Candy crush for your dog? What could be better than that? This app is all about the fun! All you do is shake your phone and it will produce an enthralling sound to surprise and entertain your dog.  Hopefully, he doesn’t get as addicted as you are to candy crush!  Mmm hmmm I’m talking to YOU!

Traveling with a dog can be very stressful. It can be, unfortunately, difficult to find pet friendly accommodations. With the Bring Fido app you can easily search for pet-friendly accommodations and even book your room! This app is complete with a number of filters including popularity, distance, price and rating. You have your choice of accommodations at your fingertips. Bringing Fido along just got a whole lot easier, didn’t it?


The Pet First Aid app is a a must for every dog owner.  It provides 24/7 access to step-by-step articles and videos on topics such as poisoning, rescue breathing and CPR. The app includes offline access application that allows you to store your dogs’ medical information for emergency visits. Don’t delay, get it today.

Pet names help you to find and choose the perfect name for your beloved pet. Choose a name that you like and that suits your pet’s personality.  Is your pet already named? It might be fun just to browse around anyway.

This app is great for both owner and dog! It is perfect for the owner who is looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle with their pet. This app logs your route and provides you with information including time, speed and distance.  Are you and Fido calorie counting? Well, this app even lets you know how many calories you and your dog have worked off.

Social media for dogs? This sounds sort of awesome. This app helps you to find out if there are any dogs that do their walks in the nearby areas. You can set up dates with other dogs close by. Yes, Fido will thank you later.


Dog Park Finder Plus is a great resource as it has an extensive catalogue of parks, beaches and other pet friendly places for you and your dog. This app contains a multitude of other useful information, making it the ultimate app for dog owners who are planning day dates with their dogs.

It’s great to see that advancements in technology are keep dog and cat pet parents in mind! What’s your favorite dog or cat app? Tell us!