Being a pet parent is very rewarding.  It’s so great to be greeted at the door by our furry friends after a long day away!  However, we’d like wagging tails, purrs and kisses to be our only greeting…and, not unwanted pet odors.  Here are 6 ways to naturally get rid of pet odors in your home.  These are all methods that I’ve found to be very effective in my own home.


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Whenever the weather permits, take the opportunity to open your windows and get cross ventilation.  This will quickly and effectively clear the air.


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Keeping your caged pet’s bedding and your cat’s litter boxes scooped at least once daily is great for your pets and for your home.  Once cleaned, put the waste into an outdoor receptacle.  Or, put into an airtight container until it can be taken outside.  Otherwise, it won’t take long for the smell of poop and urine to permeate your entire home.


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Regularly wash all of your pet’s bedding.  This is to include your own bedspread, if your pet is allowed on your bed.  Keeping bedding free from moisture, dirt and dander will help preserve the freshness of your home.  Use natural washing detergent to make sure there is no toxic residue that remains.  You can also add 1/4 cup of baking soda to the wash cycle to further eliminate odors.


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Clean your carpet, rugs and fabric furniture with a vacuum designed to handle tough pet hair.  I love my BISSELL PowerLifter Pet Bagless Vacuum Cleaner!  I’ve had it for years and am constantly amazed by the amount of pet hair it pulls out from my carpets.  For easy cleaning of my sofas and chairs, I use my Shark Pet Perfect Cordless Handheld Vac.  It’s very powerful to grab even the finest of pet hair.  I also make use of my Roomba for in-between cleanings.  Although, it’s small, it does a terrific job of picking-up pet hair.  Using it really helps in my cleaning routine, as I don’t have to use my own elbow grease!

If you have a spot on the carpet where your pet has had an accident, you might want to go ahead and deep clean it with a steam cleaner.  These come in a wide variety of sizes and prices.  If you have soiled spots on a regular basis, it might be worth the investment.

Every so often, you might want to treat your carpet and rugs with baking soda.  Just sprinkle a layer down and let it sit for 30-minute to overnight.  Then, simply vacuum up.  Baking soda is a wonderful, natural deodorizer.  You can even put a 1/2 cup into a bowl and set it in a room (out of the way – behind a chair or sofa).  It will act as a long term room deodorizer.


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Keeping your pet in overall good health will do wonders for minimizing the amount of odors he creates.  Having normal digestion, clean teeth and a clean, shiny coat are optimal standards.  Without a good diet, your pet might suffer from bad gas, bad breath and a matted, shedding, dander-filled coat.  Fortunately, all of these can be aided by the foods and treats that you choose to feed him.  Check out this line of natural and organic options at pawTree.


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Along with healthy insides, your pet benefits from proper grooming.  Having a consistent schedule (either at home or with a professional) works wonders at preventing pet odor.  Simply brushing and combing your pet’s coat will help remove the bulk of unwanted dander, loose fur and dirt.  But, dog baths are also necessary to really deep clean your dog’s coat and condition his skin.  If your dog has medium-to-long fur, you’ll want to also trim the fur around his feet and around his mouth.  These are particular areas where dirt/food can easily get trapped.  Wipe down your dog’s mouth after mealtime, as well.

A regular tooth brushing routine is terrific, if you’re able.  Otherwise, on any days you miss, you can supplement with dental sticks.

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