5 Healthy Ways to Help Your Hyper Puppy Calm Down

Puppies are at an age when they are playful and need better control over their actions. They could get into a lot of trouble that causes injury to themselves or others. Also, they must learn proper behaviors to stay healthy and avoid getting into conflicts. Learn 5 effective ways to help calm your energetic puppy.

Use Relaxation Techniques

Calm your dog by using relaxation techniques. Massaging is a practice that is effective both for people and pets. Use essential oils to burn incense or place the liquids in spray bottles. According to doTERRA, not only will essential oils mask unpleasant puppy odors, but can have a calming effect on the whole atmosphere. Apply these scents around the house, where your dog sleeps and wherever he visits often.

Another form of relaxation is water therapy. See how your puppy relieves tension in a pool or spa. Some pets find the steamed water in hot tubs to be relaxing.

Go Out More

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The problem could be that your pet is cooped up indoors all day. Like humans, many dogs feel less agitated when they experience nature and fresh air. While outdoors, they release much of their pent-up energy and play with other dogs. Go for regular walks in the park, around the neighborhood or any place that suits your dog. If you’re struggling to find time to do that, consider our dog walking service.

Start Training


No matter how hyperactive your dog is, every pet can be trained. It’s best to start when the puppies are young because they grow up fast and are better able to live on their own than human babies. Start dog training courses to take place inside or outside of the home. Learn basic commands to get your puppy to sit down and obey whenever things get out of control.

Play Music

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Play gentle music to calm the puppy down. Dogs behave similarly to humans, so they respond well to soothing music. Avoid playing loud music that only makes them more agitated and hyperactive.

Find Play Companions

Sometimes, the only thing that your pet needs is attention. Most owners cannot tend to their dogs’ needs every day. Find other animal companions for your dog to play with regularly.


Like children, puppies are hyperactive and need ways to release their energy. They should do so to avoid getting into trouble inside and outside of the house. There are always solutions available, such as music and water therapy, to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Help your puppy grow into a calmer, more obedient animal that you enjoy having around the house.

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