3 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Halloween is a very exciting time of year, but your pet might not be looking forward to this day. In general, Halloween involves a lot of different kids and people coming to your door. The doorbell is ringing continuously, children are laughing and making a lot of noise and there are people in costume. To a pet, this is a very confusing situation to be in. While you might be busy preparing for a fun evening of Halloween activities, it’s important to take some time in order to keep your pet safe.

Don’t Leave Pets Outside

You might be tempted to keep your pet out of the way while kids are coming by, but it’s never really a good idea to have your pet in the backyard. You’re usually busy in the front of the house, tending to trick-or-treaters. If your pet escapes, you probably won’t know for a bit. There is a lot of temptation to get under or over that fence. Kids laughing and having fun might be very tempting for your pet. Depending on where you live, the weather might be a little too chilly to have your pet outside for too long. If your pet is wearing a cute costume you want to show off, take a picture and post it online rather than risk an incident by showing him off to trick-or-treaters.

Keep Pets Away from the Door

A lot of pets want to get to the door when they know someone has arrived. They are interested in someone that is here to play, but they might also think there is an intruder that is coming to your home. You don’t want your dog to unexpectedly bite someone, which leads to different types of injuries and a ruined Halloween for everyone. It’s best to keep your pets away from the door. You can place them in another secure room where they will be more comfortable. Check in on them often.

Don’t Give Pets People Candy

It can be tempting to give your pet a treat like everyone else, but make sure that you have purchased something that is appropriate and safe for them to snack on. This will help your pet feel included, and you don’t have to worry about them getting ill. Chocolate can be very dangerous for both dogs and cats. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is in a lot of candy. It can be toxic to dogs.

Halloween is only one day out of the year. With a little preparation and attention, you can make sure that your pet stays safe while there is a lot going on around your home. For pets that get far too excited or aggressive during Halloween, crating them may be best for the time being. Just let them know that they haven’t done anything wrong. This is for their own good.

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