3 Tips for Spoiling Your Dog with a Pet-Friendly Yard

Are you looking for more ways to treat your pet to a happy, fun-filled life? There are a number of ways to accomplish that, and a major one is creating a pet-friendly yard. Here are the top three tips for designing the perfect yard for your canine friend.

Provide a State-of-the-Art Dog House

Building a dog house for your pooch can prove to be a great DIY project. The ideal dog house should provide a homey, comfortable space for your pet to rest. The structure of the dog house needs to be durable enough to protect your dog from outdoor elements like rain, snow and sun. 

What do you need to construct a dog house? Start with the base, move on to the walls and then add a roof. Be sure to use sturdy material to hold it up. Don’t forget about house insulation to keep out the elements. If you’re not able to build a dog house yourself, maybe hire a professional builder or purchase a premade dog house from a home improvement retailer. Here are some dog house ideas for your furry friend.

Artificial Grass

Homeowners may prefer artificial turf for a variety of reasons. For pet owners in particular, they might decide to install an artificial lawn to avoid muddy paw prints or messy gravel. Artificial grass also tends to be safer for pets to play on. While treading on natural grass, your dog runs the risk of slipping and falling and injuring itself. An artificial yard avoids that by providing a durable, non-toxic material for your pet to trek on. Also, according to Brock Turf, most synthetic grass for pet areas is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and can control the odors caused by pet urine, giving your pet a safe and clean environment. Artificial grass is also much easier in terms of maintenance; you would never have to water or trim your lawn ever again with synthetic grass. 

Place Some Toys Around the Yard

Pet toys aren’t just there to keep your dog’s amused. According to Paws, they exist to stimulate your dog’s mental and physical senses. Providing stimulation is an effective tool for prolonging your pet’s life span. Purchasing a variety of toys is a great way to keep your dog healthy and happy in the long run. Consider getting chew toys, bones, stuffed animals, tennis balls, frisbees, pull ropes and squeaky toys. Try to tailor the toys to your dog’s interest. 

Having a dog is a wonderful thing and of course you want to spoil them. But you don’t have to go overboard with fattening treats to show your dog how much you love them. Creating a pet-friendly yard is the perfect way to spoil your pooch in a way that is beneficial to their health and happiness.

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