3 Secrets To Getting the Most From Your Pet Sitter

durham pet sitters

Let’s be real…hiring a professional pet sitter is an expense.  And, it can add-up when you need pet care over several days/weeks.  So, you’ll want to maximize the value you get from every pet visit.  Here are my insider’s 3 Secrets to getting the most from your pet sitter.


durham pet sitters

You might be tempted to opt for the shortest length of visit, in order to save money.  However, this can literally short-change your pet’s care.  Instead, you should carefully consider these things, before selecting the length of visit:

  • Number of pets in your household (more pets = more time needed)
  • Whether or not medications need to be administered.  And, if so, how often.
  • How complicated meal time is (i.e., free feed dry food OR everybody fed separately in different parts of the house)
  • Energy level of your pet
  • Mental state of your pet (does he suffer from separation anxiety?)

All of these answers play a part in how much time is reasonably needed to provide quality care.


durham pet sitters

By making sure that all details of care have been noted in your profile, your sitter will have an easy way to find answers to any questions.  This means she won’t be interrupting your vacation with simple questions.  And, make sure that all necessary items (leashes, foods, medications, cleaning supplies) are where you indicate they’ll be left.  Time a sitter spends hunting for needed items is One-on-One time taken away from your pets.


durham pet sitters

Ask your pet sitter for a complimentary initial introduction, prior to start of visits.  This meeting should not cost you out-of-pocket.  It’s a time when you, your pets and your pet sitter can take time to ask questions and make sure everyone is comfortable with the match.

Ready to schedule pet care?  

durham pet sitters

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