kitten-647501_640Most folks realize the need for a dog sitter/dog walker…dogs require more obvious care (outdoor potty breaks and exercise outlets).  But, what about your cat?  She may free-feed on dry food and she uses a litterbox.  Does she really need daily visits from a professional pet sitter?  Absolutely!   Cats are not Second Class Citizens and need just as much TLC as their canine counterparts.  Here are some of the reasons why kitties should have at least once-daily visits, whenever their pet parents are away:


If a health issue were to arise, your cat has the best chance of recovery if the issue is discovered within 24-hours.  Also, cats are curious by nature, and may become trapped in a cabinet or closet and be away from food, water and litter boxes.   Or, may become rambunctious and accidentally knock over her food or water dishes.


Most cats need daily exercise to keep them fit and with proper weight.  Having dedicated playtime with your cat will give her the physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep her happy and healthy.  And, having a good session of running, jumping and chasing will help ensure she doesn’t get into mischief, the remainder of the day.  Senior cats who may not be as enthusiastic about playtime can enjoy cuddle time, chin scratches and brushing.   Watch Here for a quick peek at one of our play sessions!


Cats are fastidious about cleanliness (have you counted how many times a day your cat takes a bath?).  Thus, to make sure your cat keeps great litterbox habits, it’s essential to scoop boxes at least once daily.  And, if your cat is used to being fed 2 or 3 times daily, that routine should be adhered to, so your cat is not unduly stressed.  Medication schedules should be kept on track, as well.

It’s best to keep your cat at home, in her familiar surroundings and routine, rather than boarding.  For more information on why, read on:  Home Care vs. Boarding Your Cat

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