2021 New Year’s Pet Resolutions – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Time for New Year’s Resolutions

Who isn’t ready for a brand new start on things in 2021? Even though our lives are not yet back to “normal,” there are still many things we can do with our pets to start the new year with a bang.

Why not bake more? If you make your own pet treats, you’ll know exactly what is in them and won’t have to worry about unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients.

Let’s make this the year you start brushing your buddy’s teeth. Use only toothpaste formulated for your pet (most of them are flavored, so your pet will be more receptive to brushing) and start slowly.

Many of us could use more hydration; we often get busy and forget to drink water throughout the day. Make a point to fill up a glass or a travel mug, take it with you, and do the same for your furry friend. Do you change your pet’s water every day? Many dogs and cats don’t like to drink out of a water dish that is anything less than fresh, so give them fresh water daily.

Think about supplements for you and your pet. If you both eat a well-rounded and varied diet, you may not need a multivitamin; there is no need to add vitamins haphazardly. Some of us may need calcium or vitamin D in the winter months. Your pet may need a supplement too, like a probiotic for digestion, glucosamine to help with sore joints, or omega-3 for healthy skin and coat. Ask your doctor and your vet what they recommend.

Plan now for a disaster. Put a kit together for people and pets! Your kit might include first-aid supplies for everyone, a supply of medications, a list of important phone numbers, medical records, extra leashes, food, and treats.

Of course, we have to recommend exercise. A lot of us have spent more time on the couch than we used to, so let’s get moving! Start today and go for a leisurely walk with Fido. It’s great for you both to get out in the fresh air and enjoy! Try to include a walk or a hike every day. Call us for extra exercise time; we are happy to walk your dog or spend time with your cat.

If you or your pet has avoided seeing the doctor because of COVID, make an appointment and be sure you’re up to date on everything.

Let’s spend more time with our best friends this year. Snuggle with them, play with them, teach them a new trick, or walk a new route. All of these ideas will help to keep you happy and healthy, both mentally and physically.

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