How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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How To Help Your Dog Lose Weight A cheat day here and there is okay, but you need to stick to the calorie limit that is appropriate for your dog. You can discuss with your vet what that may be, and what your dog’s goal weight should be. One source of excessive calories is giving your dog your scraps and bits of your food. That and the extra treats should be taken out ...
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How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

Healthy cats are happier and tend to live longer.  Here are some tips to get your cat down to a healthy weight: First, you should consult your cat’s vet. Every cat is different, and every breed has their own uniqueness. Your vet can help you get started. The average cat only needs 20-30 calories per pound a day. See what is the calorie count on your cat’s food and h...
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