3 Tips for Teaching Children How to Interact with Dogs

Help Them To Be Patient Dogs are territorial by nature. They guard their personal space, and they use it to control the pace of interactions with humans. Children, especially those under the age of six, have a minimal sense of physical boundaries. They don’t think twice about rushing toward a dog, putting their hands in its face or grabbing at it, and that’s a recipe for a n...
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Safe Plants to Have Around Pets – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Safe Plants to Have Around Pets Some pets turn our plants into little snacks. There are several different reasons as to why. It could be they do so to calm an upset stomach, or it could be seen as recreational play when they chew on the plant. Even sometimes if we think we have the plant out of our pets' reach they still find a way to chew on it! Here are some nontoxic plants ...
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