Help! My Dog Is Overweight! – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

60% or more of dogs that veterinarians see in the US are overweight. Of that 60%, half of those are considered obese. Excessive weight in dogs can lead to many health problems. Joint disease, metabolic issues as well as inflammation are among the issues that can arise in an overweight dog. Obese dogs normally will live shorter lives than their less overweight peers. How ove...
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Best Amazon Pet Toys for Your Dog and Cat – Recommendations from Lucy’s Pet Care

If you have a pets, you know you're always looking for a fun, exciting, new way to keep them entertained.  And, if you're like me, Amazon is an go-to for easy, affordable shopping option for pet toys.  Being a parent to a dog and 3 cats, I've purchased my fair share of pet toys!  Below, are some items that I've bought via Amazon that my pets love.   You can also check out the r...
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