Benefits of Pets for Health and Recovery

We’re big fans of pets here at Lucy’s Pet Care. We all know how much we can help out pets and animals in our community. But do we always realize and recognize how much they can help us? Pets offer great healing and service benefits to people who need a helping hand because of sickness, injury, or emotional trauma. Pets are being used for the health and recovery of many people ...
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Pet Insurance Pros and Cons – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care

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Animal medicine has seen some significant improvements within the past 10 years. These advancements come with a higher cost to pet owners. This has resulted in a higher cost for pet insurance.  Less than 1% of pets are insured in America. Knowing the pros and cons of pet insurance can help you decide if insuring your pet is right for you.   Pros:   -You only have to pay...
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