What is the Best Collar Color for your Cat?

collar colorWhat is the Best Collar Color for your Cat?

You love your kitty and can’t imagine anything happening to him or her, right? Well, then you may be shocked to learn that approximately 7-million pets go missing each year in the USA. What is probably even more shocking is to learn that only approximately 0nly 5% of cats are returned to their home (whereas 25% of dogs are reported and returned).

Cats are significantly under reported when they go missing and often are never returned, especially when compared to dogs. Why is this? Well, for one, more dogs (than cats) wear identification collars. Identification collars and other tracking mechanisms like microchips, give people the necessary contact information in order to return lost pets if they are found. Additionally, cats are more likely to run and hide and let’s face it, they are darn good at running and even better at hiding (it’s in their nature).  Finally, assumptions come into play when you see a cat running around the outside. When people see a dog running free on the streets they assume the dog is lost, however, when people see a cat running around on the streets they assume that it is an outdoor cat and that it is allowed to be running free.

collar color

Unfortunately, outside, there are a lot of dangers for indoor and outdoor cats alike. More so for indoor cats that are not as street smart or acclimated to the outdoors and do not fully understand the dangers that are around them. Other animals including raccoons, coyotes, domestic dogs, and more pose quite a threat to your domesticated house cat. There are also human related dangers such as thieves and vehicles, in addition to the increased risk of cats catching disease while out in the urban wilderness (or suburban wilderness). With people not paying too much attention to cats outside, cats are not protected the same way that dogs are.

So, what can we do to increase the number of reported kitties who are wondering the streets? Well, you can dress your indoor kitty in orange, as in an orange collar. This is an identifier that shows your kitty is a kitty convict or AKA an indoor cat that has gotten outdoors. Furthermore, orange is bright and reflective making your kitty easier to see (thus easier to find). It brands your cat as a convict (or an indoor cat), signaling to people who see your cat that it should be inside, not outside on the loose.

The ultimate goal is to increase the number of lost cats being found, thus saving their lives in the long run. Follow this link to learn more about the Kitty Convict Project.

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  1. Cece says:

    I thought this article was going to tell the colors that go best with the color of your cat? I think people already understand the importance of having a collar if they’re reading an article called “What is the best collar color for your cat?”… would rather have seen list of recommendations of collar colors for each type/color of cat

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