The Risks of Hiring a $10 Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

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Owning 3 pets of my own, I know the hard truth about the financial obligations associated with being a pet parent.  The regular medical checkups plus the unexpected emergency care; food; treats; toys; housing; leashes; etc.  Add to that the cost of care for your pet whenever you must be away – whether for midday dog walks or vacation pet visits.  I know it may be tempting to choose your free or low-cost neighbor, friend, family member or coworker, rather than a professional pet sitter.  And, I mean, how hard can it be to play with pets and give them treats and food?  However, in this post, I’ll share with you some of the reasons why this short-term savings may end-up costing you big in the long run.

It May Be Uncomfortable … or, Cost The Relationship

durham pet sitters near me

If you hire a family member or coworker, it might be uncomfortable for you to ask them to do additional tasks (bring-in the mail/packages, water plants, rotate lights/window treatments, etc.), especially if they are “doing you a favor” by doing the visits for free.  You might not feel you can be as demanding with regards to giving you regular updates, either.  Or, what if they don’t provide care as you would’ve liked?  You might be hesitant to communicate your displeasure or to question them, out of fear of damaging the relationship.

When you hire a professional pet sitter, such as Lucy’s Pet Care, you can expect the “extras” to be included in your service.  Regular communication is standard, as well.  We also follow-up after the reservation to make sure you were delighted with our care in the spirit of our 100% Happiness Guarantee!

What If Your Pet Gets Injured?

durham pet sitters near me

Hiring a cheap dog walker or pet sitter can really cost you in this area!  Chances are, if you’re paying $10, your sitter has zero insurance.  This means that if your pet is injured while under his/her care, they have nothing to offer with regards to financial remuneration.  This may mean hundreds-to-thousands of dollars out of your own pocket…in addition to the emotional toll of the incident.

All of our sitters are fully-insured with liability insurance.

What If Your Dog Walker Gets Injured?

durham pet sitters near me

What happens if your $10 dog walker falls on your stairs; gets bitten by your dog or cat; or is otherwise injured while caring for your pet?  Because he/she likely doesn’t have Worker’s Compensation Insurance, you may be responsible to pay for damages.  This may require you to submit a claim on your Homeowner’s Insurance.

Our sitters are Employees, (NOT Independent Contractors) which means they are fully-covered with Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

What If Your Pet Gets Sick?

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Will your friend/neighbor/coworker know what to do?  Can he/she provide immediate urgent care?

We have all of our sitters trained in Pet First Aid and CPR.  We also have protocol in place for emergency situations.

What If Your Sitter Gets Sick (or Has Car Troubles, etc.)?

durham pet sitters near me

What will happen to your pets if your $10 pet sitter can’t get to your home?  He/She probably doesn’t have someone else on whom to call.  And, even if he/she does, that person probably won’t have access to all of the care instructions and details.

We have a full team of sitters and keep your information in our online software program – plus, we have a backup key to your home on file – so we can seamlessly step-in if the need ever arises.

What If Something Is Stolen?

durham pet sitters near me

What if something goes missing from your home?  This can REALLY be sticky if the person caring for your pets is a friend, family member or coworker!

All of our sitters have clean criminal background checks and are bonded.

These are just a few of the reasons to take extra care when choosing who will care for your pets and your home.  We recommend giving us a call at (919)451-3773 to schedule your professional dog walker, today!

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