How to Hide a Litterbox – Tips from Lucy’s Pet Care


If you’re the proud caretaker of kitties, you know that a necessary evil that comes along with them is the litterbox.  The daily scooping, refilling, repurchase, etc.  And, the many choices there are to make with a seemingly simple task:  What’s the best type of litter?  What’s the best scoop?  How many litter boxes?  What size litter box?  …and,

Where do I put the litterbox?

This decision might be based largely on just the fact of where it will fit.  But, you might have the luxury of having more options to be able to put it in a convenient, out-of-the-way spot.  However, you may not have a suitable place.  In my case, I did have a spot, which was in my office closet.  However, I really wanted to utilize that space for actual storage of items that would work best in that place.  Thus, my hunt for a better solution.

So, I did research on Google to read options and reviews.  After careful consideration about my needs, space availability and pricing, I decided on this model of litterbox “house.”  Although an investment at about $135, it was worth it to me for the space it would free-up.  It arrived in a few days and took me (and my kitties, Squeaky and Bandit) about an hour to assemble.

Squeaky taking residence in the drill bag.


….then, Bandit’s turn!

The “house” has a hinged-top lid for easy access to the box.  There’s also a hook on the inside to store your scoop.

And, you can assemble for the cat entrance to be either on the left side (as I did) or on the right side.

My finished product!

You could situate the house to where the cat opening is not facing out into the room, and thus, it would look even more like just a piece of furniture.

There are many different sizes, styles, prices and colorways from which to choose.   Here are some links to a couple other options:

Adrianne Litter Box in Brown

Carlie Condo Bench in Walnut

What other solutions have you found for litterbox storage?  Please share by commenting, below!


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