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Easter Basket Ideas For Your Pet

Easter is coming up this month. A good way to keep your pets preoccupied and away from the chocolate that will be laying around the house this Easter season is to make them their very own custom Easter basket!
The first thing you should do is select an inexpensive bowl or basket to place the treats and goodies inside. When selecting your container, you should not use a wooden or straw basket. Wooden or straw baskets  will tempt your pet to chew them up, not only making a mess but also possibly injuring your pet’s insides if the wood is ingested. When you begin to customize your pet’s basket in your own fun and creative way, you should not add any decoration that your pet could chew off and ingest. You may also be tempted to use flowers to be festive, but before you do that you should research which flowers are toxic to your pet. A list can be found at : http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/pet-owners/basics/top-10-plants-poisonous-to-pets/
Now, you are going to want to fill up the basket! Please do not use fake Easter grass for decoration, because once again your pet can ingest the plastic grass and it could cause bodily harm to your furbaby. Here are some Easter ideas for gifts for your pets!
Gourmet Dog Treats: Homemade Mini Easter Egg Dog Cookies by GerbeauxDogBakery
on Etsy!

This shop has all kinds of different types of treats that are super cute and affordable. These Easter treats shown are all made out of  Rye Flour, Barley Flour, Natural Peanut Butter, Organic Honey, Coconut Oil.

Catnip Easter Toy by forpawsandhome on Etsy
durham pet sittersThese are handmade by the owner of the shop and made with organic cat nip!
Squeaker Easter Egg Dog Toy Set by CherryWillowPets on Etsy
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This is another handmade item by the shop owner! They have tons of other styles to choose from, as well as a squeaky duck toy which goes along with the Easter theme.
Catnip Easter Chocolate Bunny Toy by misohandmade on Etsy
durham pet sitters
These will give your cat their fix without giving them a tummy ache! Also made with USDA certified organic catnip.
Custom Hand Painted Pet Bowl by BarkingDogPottery on Etsy
durham pet sitters
This is cute and practical! Made with non-toxic glaze and ceramic.
Easter Collar or Leash by DesignsbyCristal on Etsy
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You can get a handmade collar or leash with an Easter theme for approximately $10 from this shop.
Easter Dog Dress by PETCREATIONSBYJANE on Etsy
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The sizes range from teacup all the way up to extra large! This is made with 100 % cotton and is also 100% adorable.
Easter Bowties For Dogs by twstitchanddesign on Etsy
durham pet sitters
This is just great for those instances when your dog is trying to make a great first impression! Comes in sizes small to extra large!
Comfy Cube Hoppy Easter Hammock for Rat, Ferret, or  Small Pet by FooFooDay on Etsy
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This is a great gesture for a lazy pet who likes to just hang out and take a nap. FooFooDay has a lot of other Easter prints to choose from as well for cubes if you are interested in something different.
Pet Blanket by BarkingDogBlanket on Etsy
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This is very festive piece of bedding. The description reads ” Small dog, cat, bunny or baby furry critters will love to be cuddled in this blanket.
Traveling away from home without your pets this Easter?  Be sure to call on Lucy’s Pet Care!

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