Ideas For What To Do With Stuff That Didn’t Sell At Your Garage Sale

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The weekend is drawing to a close and your garage sale customers are starting to dwindle.  You've had a successful garage sale...but, there are some unsold items.  Now you're wondering, "What am I gonna do with all of this stuff?!"  Here are some ideas to help you get rid of the rest of your unwanted things. IF YOU'RE STILL LOOKING TO MAKE SOME MONEY: List for Sal...
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How Cheap Pet Sitters Can Cost You Big Money

How Cheap Pet Sitters Can Cost You Big Money I often hear potential clients gasp when they get my price quote.  Even though our rates are very reasonable, they still suffer from sticker shock.  This is usually because they've never before hired a professional pet sitting company.   They've used free services from a family member or neighbor.  Or, hired a single-person "hobby...
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How to Say No to Pet Sitting for Your Friends

Are you the resident Animal Lover?  The "Go To" person whom your friends, relatives and neighbors call whenever they need someone for pet sitting?  The person who always takes on the tasks of caring for everyone else's pet, while they travel to fun places or have to work late?  As much as you love their pets and want to help out, is it becoming a burden?  But, how to say "No,...
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