“Who Gets Dad’s Dog?” The Guide to Inheriting Pets

“Who Gets Dad's Dog?" The Guide to Inheriting Pets
The death of a family member can be extremely stressful in many ways. Not only do you have to deal with the loss of a loved one, but sometimes you also have to deal with the legal aftermath, often involving probate law. Preparation beforehand can help make the process go smoother, but one thing that is often forgotten in the preparations is what happens to the deceased’s pe...
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5 Proper Etiquette Tips for Taking Animals on Pet-Friendly Public Transit Systems

Pets become family to any pet owner. We want them with us all the time. If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with pet-friendly transit (yes, those exist!), you’ll no doubt jump at the opportunity to really take your furry friend with you when you’re out and about. Here are a few guidelines to ensure that you, your pet, and other passengers have good experience. Read the Ru...
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Taking Care of Your Pet When You’re Not Home

Taking Care of Your Pet When You're Not Home
Planning a vacation or going on a business trip? Who’s going to take care of your dog or cat while you’re away? Whether you’re away for 2 days or 2 weeks, you will need someone to look after your pet’s physical and emotional needs. How long can my pet be left alone? Young and old dogs have more difficulty being alone than than middle-aged dogs. “Young” is between 6-19 ...
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5 Reasons Pets Require More Attention Than Owners Give

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There are numerous benefits from having pets in your home, but your beloved dogs and cats require more attention. Here are five reasons why your pet needs additional attention from you. Physical Activity On a Daily Basis You already know that humans have problems with a lack of exercise, but pets are also not engaging in enough physical activity. Daily exercise and your love...
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5 Healthy Ways to Help Your Hyper Puppy Calm Down

Puppies are at an age when they are playful and need better control over their actions. They could get into a lot of trouble that causes injury to themselves or others. Also, they must learn proper behaviors to stay healthy and avoid getting into conflicts. Learn 5 effective ways to help calm your energetic puppy. Use Relaxation Techniques Calm your dog by using relaxation ...
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